Acasă ~ started my day with a
spoonful of frozen
black forest cake,
strumming epiphanies
for breakfast
with a broken ukulele

where my poetic nerves
thought how you are
part jesse from the sunrise trilogy
and quarter jesse from
@joshradnor‘s liberal arts movie

like I know you will overthink –
overthink your love for me
while I softly murmur
my love for you

you will bury the breaths spent
over sunsets,
tattooed spines,
wall decor and vinyls
and personality types
in finite minutes
infinitely deep
in the soil of time

but boy,
I will kiss you if
you wink it through

or wait –
I’ll stay if you dare

and when you read this
for the third time,
right there in your eyes,
I’ll build a home there
I’ll build a home there. :)))

Acasă – home in Romanian.

(on the words suggested by Stefan Sebastian Stan)