This is by far
The closest we have been.

In adventures
And explorations,
The whole of twenty nineteen.

And now,
‘Tis the season,
To celebrate,
With music, wine,
Cheesecakes and umpteen…

I’ll get a merry wreath
You buy a few tinsels
I’ll fetch some lights and candy sticks
And you add some balls and bells

Don’t forget to craft a snowman
And I won’t forget to hang some stockings
Filled with warmth and wishes,
And dreams and squishes.

On the eve,
I’ll ask you to stay once again,
I’ll ask you to be mine.
And you would end up
Surfacing an image of a mistletoe,
On to our chat screen.

This is by far
How mad keen,
We have been.
By far, the closest
We have been.
The closest.
We. Have. Been.